Town of Coronation

March 31st, 2020


Public Health Enforcement Process

As you are likely aware public complaints regarding violations of current Public Health Orders are being directed to Alberta Health Services, Environmental Public Health (AHS-EPH) for our attention. In general, the following steps outline our process for following up on these complaints.

  1. Upon receiving a complaint or observing any matter that is contrary to the Orders issued by the Chief Medical Officer of Health, AHS-EPH will proceed as follows:
    1. Contact the complainant and gather particulars about the complaint;
    1. Make contact with involved individuals and advise them of concerns explaining the breach of the Order, advising them to cease or otherwise comply with the Order, and informing them that this call constitutes a ‘first offence’ warning;
  1. For a second offence that has been reported or observed, AHS-EPH will proceed as follows:
    1. AHS-EPH will validate that the alleged situation is in violation of current Public Health Order(s), and will obtain the particulars of the facility and/or offender’s name, address, and phone number;
    1. AHS will again inform the ‘offender’ of relevant Public Health Order(s) and  recommendations, and will escalate subsequent actions as outlined below:
  1. Issuing and posting of an Executive Officers Order (e.g. facility closures); and/or
  2. Referral to local enforcement agencies for self-isolation (exhibiting symptoms or COVID positive) or quarantine (travellers returning to Canada) violations.

 Information on current Ministerial and Chief Medical Officer of Health Orders can be found at the link below:

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your district Public Health Inspector.  If you do not know the contact details of your district Public Health Inspector, you can call either of these two numbers: 1-866-654-7890 or 1-877-360-6366.


March 30th, 2020


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic,

we are temporarily changing our office hours effective Monday, April 6.

We will review this on a week-by-week basis and adjust accordingly.

Please watch the Town of Coronation website for current hours.

Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Wednesdays, & Fridays


We encourage patients to follow the rules set out by the government.

For the most current information, please follow their website.

We want to do our part to help stop the spread of this virus.

Please stay home, self-isolate, and help keep our community safe.

Dr. Stephen Akindipe & Dr. Suzan Shenouda




March 26th, 2020 –

To assist Municipalities and provide information to protect the health and the well-being of your residents we are providing you with a list of new and updated resources below. As updates are occurring regularly, we encourage you to visit the Alberta Health Services and Alberta Health websites.

Enforcement Measures:

To protect the health and safety of Albertans, law enforcement agencies have been granted full authority to enforce public health orders and issue fines.

 Enforcement Measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 (Media Release)

 Ministerial and Chief Medical Officer of Health Orders:

Reception Centres – A Guide for Municipalities:

Public Health Recommendations for Food Establishments:

Public Health Recommendations for Hotels, Hostels and Inns:

Public Health Recommendations for Personal Services Facilities:

Public Health Guidance for Congregate Living Sites:

  • Guidelines for COVID-19 Outbreak Prevention, Control and Management in Congregate Living Sites:

  • Addendum to Outbreak Management and Pandemic Planning Resources for COVID-19:

  • Preparedness for Congregate Living Sites:

Public Health Guidance for Work Camps:

Public Health Guidance Document for Shelters:

Mass Gathering Restrictions:

Mental Health Resources: During COVID-19:

Public Health Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfection:

Signage and Posters:

Signage and Posters for novel coronavirus (COVID-19) are available at the links below:

For additional information please visit the websites provided below:

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your district Public Health Inspector.  If you do not know the contact details of your district Public Health Inspector, you can call either of these two numbers: 1-866-654-7890 or 1-877-360-6366.

Thank you once again for your support and assistance in protecting the health and well-being of your residents.


Federal Government Update: March 18th, 2020

Federal Government released the following.

Emergency Funds for COVID-19:

1. GST credit – up to $300 single adults – $600 for couples

2. Child Tax benefit Top up – $300 per child added on top of
what you receive already.

3. Student loan payments deferred
-6-month timeframe
-no payments
-no interest accrual

4. Indigenous community-based support fund

5. $200 million provided for community resources
-Shelters/homeless needs
-Sexual assault/transition homes

6. 10% wage subsidy for small-medium sized businesses for employees.
-$25,000 per employer

7. Ensured Mortgage Protection Program
-50 billion provided
-payment deferrals
-special payment arrangements

8. Bank Supports
-auto loans – deferral of payments possible
-contact bank directly
-speak to your institutions

9. Personal Income Tax
-payment before September. 1st/2020 – extended deadline for income tax payments owed

-Filing deadline for Income Tax – June.1st/2020

10. Emergency Care Benefit
-Quarantined or caring for a sick family member
-Providing $900 bi-weekly
-Payment via direct deposit
-Will not require medical documentation
-Starting early April

11. Emergency support fund – $5 Billion
-more info to come

*Supply chains from groceries will maintain fair prices for Canadians

Coronation  Team – Updated March 17th,2020

As many of you have heard by now, the Lieutenant Governor, on advice from Premier and Cabinet, has declared a Public Health Emergency under the Public Health Act.  This will give the Chief Medical Officer of Health additional powers to help us respond to the COVID 19 pandemic, powers that were designed specifically for a public health emergency in mind.  A Provincial State of Emergency under the Emergency Management Act has NOT been declared, and all local States of Emergency declared under the Emergency Management Act remain in force.

The Premier also announced that the Provincial Operations Center is going to Level 4 (of 4) immediately.  This will allow us to bring in more partners to help us contingency plan and respond to the challenges of COVID 19.

Current POC Emergency Level 4

Update: Please visit the following websites for further details:

Current situation

Alberta declared a state of emergency under the Public Health Act on March 17, 2020.

The COVID-19 outbreak was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). Confirmed cases: 74 in Alberta, 342 in Canada.

Current risk in Alberta

On March 16, 18 new cases were confirmed in Alberta. Cases have now been identified in all zones across the province.

  • 52 cases in the Calgary zone
  • 18 cases in the Edmonton zone
  • 2 cases in the Central zone
  • 1 case in the South zone
  • 1 case in the North zone

We’re continuing to move forward with more aggressive measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in Alberta.

In the coming days, additional actions may be required. The health of Albertans is, and always will be, our top priority.

New public health measures are now recommended to limit the time Albertans spend in large crowds and crowded spaces. Effective today:

  • Mass gatherings are now limited to no more than 50 attendees.
    • This includes conferences, worship gatherings and family events such as weddings and funerals.
    • This does not include grocery stores, shopping centres, health care facilities, airports, the legislature and other essential services.
  • Albertans are prohibited from attending public recreation facilities and private entertainment facilities.
    • This includes gyms, swimming pools, arenas, science centres, museums, art galleries, community centres, children’s play centres, casinos, racing entertainment centres and bingo halls.
  • Albertans are restricted from attending bars and nightclubs, where minors are prohibited by law.
  • Sit-down restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, food courts and other food-serving facilities, including those with a minors-allowed liquor licenses, are limited to 50% capacity to a maximum of 50 people.
    • Take-out, delivery or drive-through service is permitted.
    • Licensed facilities are permitted to deliver liquor.

Information provided by Dr. Akindipe – CLINIC ARRANGEMENTS FOR… March 16th, 2020

K-12 schools

Effective immediately, students will no longer be attending classes in K-12 schools until further notice.

School authorities are expected to continue their regular day-to-day operations and ensure the safety of school facilities.

Maintenance, capital projects, cleaning of facilities and administrative work will continue.

Every K-12 student will receive a final mark and students will progress to their next grade level next year.

Provincial assessments, such as provincial achievement tests, will be cancelled.

At this time, diploma exams essential for post-secondary acceptance will continue.

Every student who is eligible to graduate from Grade 12 this year will graduate.

The Alberta government will also be working with post-secondary institutions to ensure that these extraordinary circumstances do not prevent students from being eligible for admission to post-secondary studies for the coming school year.

Teachers and other school staff will still be expected to work, either from home or at their workplace, to ensure these expectations are met.

Decisions on how to do this are still to be made, and it may vary depending on the school jurisdiction.

Parents and guardians will be hearing directly from their child’s school about the next steps.

*Any resident that may need assistance because they are self-isolating please call the Town Office for support.*

The health and safety of our residents is the Town of Coronation’s top priority as the COVID-19 (also referred to as Novel Coronavirus) situation continues to evolve.

The Town of Coronation is actively monitoring the situation and offers the following information to residents:

  • If you are displaying symptoms of COVID-19, and have recently returned from travel outside of Canada, it is recommended to self-quarantine for a minimum of two weeks, please contact your health-care provider and the Alberta Health at 811 or Coronation Clinic 1 403 578 3232.

  • Please note that the Alberta Health system is experiencing significant call volumes. Priority will be given to health-care providers and residents with travel history and symptoms.

  • Active screening for COVID-19 is in place for long-term care homes and clinical settings. At the Coronation Hospital, hand hygiene stations have been set up and signs are in place to remind staff and visitors to take steps to reduce the spread of germs.

  • Town of Coronation employees are aware that they are not to report to work if they are displaying symptoms of COVID-19, are ill, or have recently returned from travel from an affected area.

  • The Town of Coronation is working collaboratively with local hospitals, health-care providers, the Province of Alberta and its local-tier municipalities. Business continuity plans are being evaluated.

  • Public health risk is continually reassessed as new information becomes available.

To reduce the spread of germs, including COVID-19, the Town of Coronation recommends that residents:

  • Wash hands often with soap and water and/or hand sanitizer.

  • Cough or sneeze into their sleeve or elbow and encourage others to do the same.

  • Avoid touching their face; and clean hands before touching eyes, nose or mouth.

  • If you are ill, stay at home and keep yourself away from others.

  • If you are ill and must visit a health-care provider, call ahead or tell them right away when you arrive that you have a respiratory illness and wear a mask while waiting to be seen.

  • A full list of recommendations and information is available at

The Town encourages residents to follow trusted sources for information about COVID-19. For information regarding the status of cases, which is updated regularly.

The Government of Canada has issued several travel advisories related to COVID-19. The most up-to-date information can be found on the Government of Canada website.

Please keep safe, and keep practicing proper cleaning techniques, the following links will provide further hygiene and cleaning practices.

After careful consideration and input from AHS and other officials, the festival committee has made an executive decision to postpone the remainder of our dance festival. We announce this with heavy hearts as we had tried our best to make it a go, but we feel with how quickly things are changing , we have no other choice. Again, we are very sorry for all the inconvenience this has caused. 


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