Ji Alliance Holdings Ltd.

Business License #2021-12

Hospitality, Real Estate, & Administration

Owner:  Min Ji, Ong

Phone:  (778)-791-6446

Box 265

5221, Hwy 12,
Coronation, AB
T0C 1C0

J Hospitality Alberta LTD.

Business License #2021-13

Hospitality, Hotel, Bar, Restaurant, Professional Massage, UHaul Rental, & Trading

Owner:  Min Ji, Oy

Phone:  403-578-3000

Box 265

5221, Hwy 12
Coronation, AB
T0C 1C0

Bunkhouse RV Park (Boot Properties Ltd.)

Business License #2019-13

Fully serviced sites with Wi-Fi and laundry facilities.

Suites available for rent.


Phone: 403-578-3741

Email: alshoe@telus.net

4610 Coronation Street
Box 885
Coronation, AB
T0C 1C0

Heart Tea Lunch

Business License #2019-26

Bed & Breakfast

Owner:  Blaine Scheffelmaier

Phone: 403-575-5447


5021 Norfolk Avenue

PO Box 235
Coronation, AB
T0C 1C0

Coronation Motel Inc

Business License #2017-03


Standard Rooms, Luxury Rooms and Suites

Complimentary Breakfast and Free Wi-Fi

24 Hour Reception

Phone: 403-578-3700

Email: Coronation_Motel@hotmail.com

#5505 Highway 12 West
Box 190
Coronation, AB
T0C 1C0

Imperial Suite

Business License #2019-74

Short Term/Long Term Rental Suite – Self Catering

Phone: 403-578-3576

Email: rlbullick@gmail.com

5230 Imperial Lane

Box 665
Coronation, AB
T0C 1C0